About Us

Immigration for All

Our Story

We started Imagility almost 2.5 to 3 yrs ago in response to the significant immigration policy changes during the Trump administration. It’s a digital platform for supporting attorneys, petitioners, and individuals transparently, collaboratively and with clarity. Individuals can be students, professionals, families, refugees, international investors etc.

Why Imagility

We strive to decrypt immigration, by simplifying and automating it to provide transparency, clarity and collaboration to petitioners, attorneys, and beneficiaries.

We see ourselves taking care of end-to-end immigration, employment, family, and support as much of the world as possible through innovative technologies, making us the world’s premier end-to-end immigration platform, for all stakeholders.

What really matters to us?

Leveraging technology

We believe innovative technology is the way forward. We built an innovative and highly impactful immigration platform – Imagility. It is a highly sophisticated, very intricate, yet simple to use platform that uses cutting edge technology and machine learning. We leverage the latest technology to evolve the platform constantly and more importantly improve lives.

Impact to users

Through the platform, we provide reach and accessibility to beneficiaries and petitioners, assuring collaboration, transparency, and clarity. We offer automation and ease of use to attorneys. We provide clear timelines and smooth workflows for all stakeholders to get clarity on future steps. Simplifying immigration for efficient and collaborative engagement.

Demystifying immigration

Our goal is to demystify immigration processes by transforming them into intuitive and easy workflows that result in happy user experiences. We want to improve acceptance, and reduce denials faced by petitioners/attorneys over various visa types, thus reducing time and money taken to process applications. This brings stability and improves quality of life.

How are we different?

We cover end-to-end immigration and beyond. We help people truly experience their life journeys by cutting out the noise and complexity of immigration and help them create their world, to live the life they dream about.

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