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Our immigration law firm software is a robust system enabled for many visa types, making it a comprehensive software, bundling immigration software and case management features, that any attorney might need. It is also an immigration software for paralegals that directly impacts the practice’s bottom line, freeing up more time to cater to a larger number of clients and improving operational efficiency.

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Special Features

Easy Invoicing & Faster Payments

Impress clients with professional invoices that reflect efficient and transparent billing cycles. Offer clients billing templates, automatic notifications, and reminders to get your payments on time.

Build Intelligent Petitions Quickly, Save Time & Effort

Build robust, complete petitions, with recommendations that improve petitioning outcomes. Guided petition building through simple timeline steps reduces the workload for overburdened attorneys and paralegals.

Analyze Built Petitions, Increase Petition Success Rates

Petition Analysis is the virtual adjudicator that highlights missing details and suggests recommendations. Increase petition success rates and generate revenue apart from minimizing the number of denials.

Effective Case Management

Transparent & Intuitive Workflow helps cater to multiple cases and yet keeps track of each case individually. Simplify and streamline immigration tracking, case management, documentation, and client management.

Tools on the Platform

The core purpose of the Lottery app is to simplify the Lottery process for petitioners and beneficiaries in an already confusing immigration landscape, help them connect and make informed decisions. This is the first step towards building the H-1B petition collaboratively, if selected in the lottery.

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