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Imagility is the best Immigration Software, that is cloud-based, for Beneficiaries. Provides a better, more efficient way for beneficiaries to work with employers to prepare, track, manage, and navigate their visa processing, going beyond any immigration software. Our goal is to engage beneficiaries in petition building by working collaboratively, towards an open and transparent immigration process.

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Special Features

One-time Digital Profile, Rest Assured

Coordinate digitally with petitioners and attorneys to create profiles with accurate details about personal and professional backgrounds. Create personal and family profiles once, and see petitions with integrated profile data.

Collaborative and Transparent Petition Building

Collaborate and improve petitions with employers and attorneys. Track petition status and stay informed. Complete transparency in petition building and clarity about the next steps.

Automatic Notifications, won’t Let You Forget Anything

Automatic notifications triggered for pending items, no other reminders needed, no memory lapse. Alerts about any updates to the petition or any missing information/documents through the platform.

Family is the Heart of the Matter

Family-based immigration supports a wide range of visas, so your heart is in the right place. End-to-end immigration needs of beneficiaries and family members on a single platform, reducing time and effort.

Tools on the Platform

The core purpose of the Lottery app is to simplify the Lottery process for petitioners and beneficiaries in an already confusing immigration landscape, help them connect and make informed decisions. This is the first step towards building the H-1B petition collaboratively, if selected in the lottery.

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