H-1B Lottery 2023 (FY2024): Recent Trends and What to Expect

Contents Introduction H-1B lottery: When did it start? H-1B Lottery process overview Recent trends in H-1B H-1B Lottery 2023 predictions Increase in registrations Chance for a second lottery Premium processing will be available H1-B visa lottery- How can Imagility help you? The Lottery App for Petitioners Introduction Each year skilled professionals apply for the most…

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tech layoffs

The way forward for H-1B visa holders post tech layoffs

2022 has seen many tech layoffs – Facebook parent Meta Platforms Inc. (11,000 jobs), Amazon (10,000), and Twitter (3,700). Other tech firms joining the layoffs wave include Stripe Inc., Lyft Inc., Shopify Inc., Coinbase Global Inc., Microsoft Corp., and Netflix Inc. Around 5-15% of the total laid-off employees are H1-B visa holders. Surge in H-1B…

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USA Immigration

USA Immigration: Everything You Need to Know

Immigration has been a staple topic of discussion in the United States of America (USA). A recent report reflects that the developed region houses about a fifth of the total foreign migrants. In fact, more than 50.6 million immigrants chose the US as their destination country in 2020. The following four countries on the list…

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LCA e-filing, immigration software

Simplifying LCA e-Filing

The H-1B visa is the most highly sought-after work visa in the US. Since the number of applications is only on the rise each year, understanding every step through its application process is vital to increasing its success rate. When it comes to H-1B visas and the steps to apply for them, the Labor Condition…

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