RFE Response builder, immigration software

RFE Response Builder

On the Imagility Platform, Attorneys can build RFE responses through a seamless workflow using existing petition details.
Even if petitions have been created outside the Platform, it can be exclusively used to build RFE responses, quickly, and in a structured manner.

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professional app, immigration software

Professional App

Imagility’s Professional App (‘ImagilityProfessional’) enables temporary workers or professionals to enter or update their profile information and track petitions filed by their companies.

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student app, immigration software

Student App

Imagility’s Student App (‘StudentVisaUSA’) smoothens the F-1 visa process for students. Imagility helps students find universities of their choice, apply to them, and prepare for the visa process.

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Specialty Occupation

The key elements of a H-1B petition define its depth and quality and can clearly affect its adjudication. Specialty Occupation which proves the specialized nature of a position, forms the crux of the H-1B petition.

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