Imagility Covers
End-to-End Immigration
Process for Companies

Employers can prepare, track, manage and navigate employment-based petitions with better control over each stage, with powerful case management and immigration software features, surpassing all immigration forms software features.

Our goal is to improve acceptance, and reduce denials faced by companies over various visa types, thus reducing time and money taken to process applications.


Our Highlights

Petition Analysis
Highlights the missing details and suggest recommendations to building effective petitions, minimizing RFEs and denials, increases ROI.
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Comprehensive Compliance
Provisions for storage and viewing of public and private access files during FDNS visits etc. Reduces time, effort and risks. This is a very important feature which keeps you prepared for any visit with the shortest of notice.
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Report Writer
Extensive reporting, analytics and forecasting made easy, apart from tracking and managing immigration.
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Mobile Apps to Stay Connected

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The core purpose of the Lottery app is to simplify the Lottery process for petitioners and beneficiaries in an already confusing immigration landscape, help them connect and make informed decisions. This is the first step towards building the H-1B petition collaboratively, if selected in the lottery.

Let us help you improve petition approval rates